Chukwuma Ndukwe, « Miss Pretty Eyes », « Ode to La Bella » & « April Showers »

Chukwuma Ndukwe performs « April Showers » and other poems

00:00 – Miss Pretty Eyes
01:54 – Ode to La Bella
03:15 – April Showers

Miss Pretty Eyes

They say beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder.
I say they lie. Beauty lies within your eyes.

Your eyes are eyes that bring light to this world full of darkness.
Shine bright like the new moon on a cold pitch black winter night;
They bring peace to the earth.

You have eyes that could see through the windows of the heart,
To detect a deceitful soul.
Eyes that can lift up mountains and break down steel doors.
With your eyes, you make great men fall,
To their knees and tremble–except for me of course.

I love the color of your eyes, brown as a dust cloud.
Sometimes they blaze, sometimes they get me mesmerized.
And when you’re sad, they change color like the clouds of the tropics during thunder storms,
I watch the rain fall as tears roll down your eyes tracing the path of river Nile.
I swear beauty like this could only originate from one place – the motherland

You have eyes that are innocent and yet reflect sophistication.
Eyes that are blissful, eyes that are pure.
Eyes that are worthy to see God.
Eyes that redefine what it means to be beautiful.

That why I call you Miss Pretty Eyes.
Because your eyes, your eyes remind me
Of what people should be, when they are; Beautiful.


Ode to La Bella

Señora !
Your beauty is comparable to none,
More akin to the fight for supremacy between,
Sun rise and sun set during Twilight and dawn.
Heaven is where you belong.
The grace that you bestow upon the earth is
Hidden in plain view like the faces of heroes unsung.
Blind men fail to see,
The essence of life shinning from within your eye.
And your smile,
Your smile is electrifying.
That’s the reason why you light up every room that you enter
Grace, radiates from your skin pores
Like sweet on an athlete after a mile run
Sending wave after wave of joy and gladness
To the souls of those who approach your presence
You epitomize love and beauty in a state,
That is most pristine and quintessential.
La Bella,
Oh how you name rolls off the tongue,
Like the words to a beautiful song,
The melody so blissful so pure and strong,
With eyes that shimmers like the northern stars – Belladonna
I speak of a beauty too deep for the eyes to see,
Too mythic for the mind to fathom.
That words and rhymes cannot describe,
So I fear this Ode I write does not suffice
For you beauty, your beauty I comparable to none.


April Showers

Brown clouds creep up slowly on the clear blue skies,
Masking daylight with darkness.
From a distance I hear dogs bark, startled
By the periodic lightning flashes and thunder clapping,
While I seat on the balcony, steering deep into the eyes of the storm,
Listening with gladness to the rhythmic sound of rain drops and hail stones,
As they sing on the rooftops made of corrugated iron sheets.
Oh that wonderful symphony that bears witness to the coming of the first rain.

It is said that when the heavens cry, the earth rejoices.
One man’s tears brings another one joy, Make that a universal law.
Heavenly tears cause life to spring forth.
Sometimes I seat and recall memories of days when I was young.
Reminisce on the songs that we sang as we danced in the rain.
The taste of cold waters on my lips, the feel of wet grass on my feet,
And the fragrance of flowers that blossom on trees.

These are the simple things that I miss.
For time brings a change to all things,
And innocence is lost with the passing of the seasons.
Boys turn to men, and lose sync with Mother Nature.

So I packed my bags and left home,
For a land where rainbows lose its colors.
Where life is seen only through shades of gray,
And all we do is sit and pray; For God to send us down His grace.

But when this world gets cold and my soul gets numb,
I close my eyes and dream of home,
Where Brown Clouds patiently await my return;
like the father of a prodigal son.
For once again, spring has sprung,
And the tear drops from heaven bring back sweat memories.

Words, cannot express, the joy,
That I feel, when I see, raindrops, on my windowpane.
April showers have come once again,
To wash away, my pain and sorrows.

Chukwuma Ndukwe « Miss Pretty Eyes, » « Ode to La Bella » and « April Showers, » by Chukwuma Ndukwe were first published in his 2012 chapbook, After Shave.

© 2012 Chukwuma Ndukwe, All Rights Reserved.


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